I was born in 1990 in Skopje, where I live my whole life. I like Skopje; with its ups and downs, nature and cityscape, spring and winter. It’s a different from other cities what I saw and lived. Might be small but big enough for people to get alienated from each other, yet find themselves enjoying rakija in kafanas. I like Skopje.

Educational years were different. From my childhood till my teenage years all I wanted to be was a doctor… then engineer… then designer, and there I stopped. SO my main goal was to become a designer, yet finished the high school as an economist. Well folks, never listen to other people for your career choices.

I’ve got my bachelor degree as a graphic artist and designer in the Faculty of Fine Arts of Skopje. Let me be honest, I thought the graphic program in the faculty was all about graphic design, until I get the linocut in my hands after so many years and printing my very first graphic works. That moment, folks, I fell in love with the graphic art and dedicated myself to learn it in its best.

Studies finished but my main goal just started. Luckily I wasn’t the only one who was thinking in the same way. With couple of my faculty-friends we opened workshops for painting in the center of the city, which followed with a formation of an art collective who has started to work seriously until we open our cultural center, named “Kula”. In its 3 years of active working Kula collective organized more than 300 events followed with concerts and other activities in the spaces of Kula. This helped us to get motivated for further collective activities after closing the center.

With the experience gained from organizing events in the center, I had the guts to apply for a job and go to other city/country/planet/galaxy. Wanted to explore more then what I saw. By volunteering this dream came true. Luckily my skills in organizing events and the knowledge for the equipment was more than enough to get me the job in Slovenia. 8 months stay in Slovenia, in the city with the biggest cave in Europe – Postojna. You know, that is a life experience. The landscape and the life is way different from what I experienced in my country. During my stay there I, for sure, traveled the country, tasted local food and made friends. In the meantime, made couple workshops for drawing, organized a festival and my first solo show in a foreign country was achieved there too.

8 months had passed and I had to come back to Skopje. As I came back to Skopje I didn’t want to lose the energy I had, so, with couple other friends, I opened a studio where I continue my work, experiment with different graphic techniques, make a lot of drawings and less designs.

Folks! Never listen to other people for your career choices.



In my early teenage years, I started to listen to Punk music and go to metal/ rock/ punk concerts. You could see the vibe between people and feel the new generation’s energy. It was not all about going out, getting wasted and enjoying a concert. People were gathering together and doing something for the good of the scene and the ideology they wanted to spread. DIY is part of my life now!

Drawing t-shirts with the band’s names and creating DIY album covers for bands were my first encounters with creativity in design. It lit up the fire in me and I just had to continue with creating and practicing in drawing. My very first designs and drawings were all about social justice, anti-governmental, environmental awareness and politically inspired. The lack of the experience in drawing could be seen, but the idea was the most important. Of course that the time/strong will/practice showed its magic and visual thinking got its place in my brain and… here we go!

As I found the freedom of expression in painting and drawing, I found out the source of my inspiration – is coming from daily activities of people from my neighborhood/city. They will walk, talk, exaggerate, gossip!, drink, eat, exaggerate, gossip!, sleep, wake up, exaggerate, gossip!. All the actions between these cycles are what make me excited, ignored details and unseen facts are the sins for people and blesses for me. In the drawings the subject of matter is differing.

From ecological catastrophe to daily coffee.
From religious stories to modern zombies.
From human crimes to African tribes.

I am trying to form an alternative picture of marginalized subjects, new language to ancient stories and make fun of the modern beauty. Introverted explosion of colorful cheers put on the paper with more naïve narration of the line. Mainly, the idea starts in one serious drawing which afterwards ends up in a big format with combination in other drawings. As a process of thinking, freestyle in painting is a form of meditation. The flow of the thoughts and its synchronization with the hands creates free composition from the standardized eyes, encourages suppressed subjects and surpass them. Because the river of thoughts is rapid, painting technique should be adapted to the user too. That’s why my favorite technique acrylic painting is, has always been, my first choice. Still it’s not the only technique I would use in one painting. Mixing couple of techniques is my specialty.

As a binder of the artistic and crafting skills, graphic (printing) art is my main artistic expression. Handmade cards, book covers, print works and textile printing must have some good planning and team-working. In team-work is the victory and the results in printing are better than trying to print it alone. So, you better check the print section and you can get some ideas what I do talk about.



I am glad that you found out about me and I hope you like some of my works (if you like them all you are creep).

If you would like to get in touch, please, don’t forget to go to contact section: all you need is there. Or you can check my social media profiles, which you can find them below.


10/04/2014 Solo Exhibition “Ratrace”, at Kula, Skopje, Macedonia

15/07/2015 Solo Exhibition “©® Annoying Dog”, at Gallery 7, Skopje, Macedonia

10/10/2015 Solo Exhibition, “©® Annoying Dog at FDU”, at Faculty of Dramatic Arts, Skopje, Macedonia

25/02/2017 Solo Exhibition, “Political Corrects”, Gallery 7, Skopje, Macedonia

28/08/2017 Solo Exhibition, “I didn’t write, so I drew”, MCP, Postojna, Slovenia

27/08/2020 Solo Exhibition, “25th frame – Unheard, Unseen and Unspoken”, Zdravo Mladi fest, MKC, Skopje, Macedonia

25/03/2022 Solo Exhibition, “Technological Primitives”, PortaJazz, Bitola, Macedonia

02/09/2022 Solo Exhibition, “Hyperactive Agoraphobic”, Portable Gallery – Contemporary Art Center (CAC), Skopje, Macedonia

16/09/2022 Solo Exhibition, “NI/AI (Natural Intelligence vs Artificial Intelligence)”, festival “Omnibustopija IV”, MKC, Skopje, Macedonia

18/10/2022 Solo Exhibition, “LOOK UP!”, Kulturno Informativen Centar – KIC, Skopje, Macedonia

18/10/2022 Solo Exhibition, “LOOK UP!”, Art Saloon of Museum of Veles, Veles, Macedonia

26/05/2011 at Children’s Theater, Skopje Group Exhibition of students from Faculty of Fine Art “… I fought the law”, Skopje, Macedonia

17/10/2011 Group Exhibition of students from faculty of fine arts “Pelince”, at the gallery of Suli An, Skopje, Macedonia

24/10/2011 Group Exhibition of students from faculty of fine arts “Pelince”, at the Dom na Kultura-Tetovo, Macedonia

15/11/2011 Group Exhibition of students from faculty of fine arts “Pelince”, at Dom na Kultura-Kavadarci, Macedonia

21/11/2011 Group Exhibition of students from faculty of fine arts “Pelince”, at Dom na Kultura-Negotino, Macedonia

28/05/2012 at Children’s Theater, Skopje Group Exhibition of 5 young artists “Academic trauma”, Skpoje, Macedonia

10/08/2013 Group Exhibition of prints from the summer print art colony “Sofija” Print, Bogdanzi, Macedonia

13/09/2013 Humanitary Group Exhibition of Young Artists, at “Gallery 7”, Skopje, Macedonia

13/10/2013 Group exhibition of young artists from Kavadarci and their guests, at The Old National Museum of Kavadarci, Macedonia

20/10/2013 Exhibition of paintings from the summer painting colony SKI center “Vila Todorov” Kozuf, at Dom na Kultura-Kavadarci, Macedonia

27/12/2013 Group Exhibition “In underground breathing is easier”, at underground garages, Skopje, Macedonia

24/04/2014 Group exhibition of the group Kula, at Kula, Skopje, Macedonia

10/05/2014 Group Exhibition of the group Kula with digital art “10010100110010”, at Kula, Skopje, Macedonia

25/12/2014 Group Exhibition “In underground breathing is easier”, at underground garages, Skopje, Macedonia

31/03/2015 Group Exhibition “35 Year of the Faculty of Fine arts”, at Gallery of FLU, Skopje, Macedonia

28/08/2015 Group Exhibition “Bosh Festival 7”, at Bosh Festival, Gevgelija, Macedonia

22/12/2015 Group Exhibition “In underground breathing is easier”, at underground garages, Skopje, Macedonia

05/08/2016 Group Exhibition, “Caravan of the freedom”, Veles, Macedonia

09/08/2016 Group Exhibition, “Humanitary exhibition for victims of the flood” Concept37, Skopje, Macedonia

25/12/2016 Group Exhibition “In underground breathing is easier”, at underground garages, Skopje, Macedonia

25/12/2017 Group Exhibition “In underground breathing is easier”, at underground garages, Skopje, Macedonia

19/05/2018 Group Exhibition, “Bir Dunya Kurdum”, Mala Stanitza, Skopje, Macedonia

15-17/06/2018 Group Exhibition, Skopje Grafitti Gallery, GTC, Skopje, Macedonia

15/09/2018 Group Exhibition “In-Situ Art Fair”, Skopje, Macedonia

22/12/2018 Group Exhibition “In underground breathing is easier”, at underground garages, Skopje, Macedonia

06/04/2019 Group Exhibition “Poor Culture”, MKC, Skopje, Macedonia

14/06/2019 Group Exhibition 48h Stunden Neukolln, Berlin, Germany

12/12/2019 Group Performance Telecom Electronic Beats: Live Drawing Session (12 x 4m), Skopje, Macedonia

28/12/2019 Group Exhibition “In underground breathing is easier”, at underground garages, Skopje, Macedonia

19/05/2021 Group Exhibition “Bienalle of Young Artists”, at Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA), Skopje, Macedonia

27/06/2021 Group Exhibition “Grafitti Jam Session – Skopje “, at Taftalidze – a Street Wall, Skopje, Macedonia

26/11/2022 Group Exhibition “Printmakers”, at Gallery 7, Skopje, Macedonia

24/12/2022 Group Exhibition “In underground breathing is easier”, at underground garages, Skopje, Macedonia

28/12/2022 Group Exhibition and live drawing mural “50 Years of MKC”, at Youth Cultural Center (MKC), Skopje, Macedonia

24/03/2023 Group Exhibition “The State of World – Der Stand Der Dinge, Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany

03/06/2023 Group Exhibition “Gallery under open sky”, Municipality Chashka, Veles, Macedonia

19/06/2023 Group Exhibition “Readaptation of an open public space 2.0”, at City Park, Skopje, Macedonia