Exhibition of printworks
by Ertunç Sali
18.10.2022 (Kulturno Informativen Centar – KIC, Skopje)

In 2020, on one of those quarantine days, as I scoured the internet for something intriguing, I stumbled upon a news story with a bold headline: “PERSEVERANCE IS ON MARS!” Questions flooded my mind. What exactly is perseverance, and why is it on Mars? Is this the work of NASA or Elon Musk? Could they be deceiving us? And what does perseverance have to do with the previous mission, Curiosity?

As I delved deeper, I encountered a profound quote repeated across multiple portals: “It is impossible for the brain to comprehend the vastness of the cosmos, to grasp the nature of the universe, and to observe evolution with absolute clarity. Yet, our curiosity reignites our understanding.” This quote sparked a fire within me. I had found something to ignite my passion, to fuel my research, and ultimately, to inspire my art. Just as every artist experiences their own “big bang,” mine was unique, bursting forth with endless possibilities for creative expression. And indeed, the universe itself is boundless, offering inspiration at every turn. All one needs to do is gaze upon the myriad stars scattered across the dark expanse above – a beacon in the night, a connection in solitude, a spark in the void.

While I may not have had the chance to gaze at the heavens every evening in my cloudy hometown of Skopje, I seized every opportunity to look up. With each upward glance, the images crystallized in my mind, shaping the characters through which I would convey the tranquility bestowed by the cosmos. Though still imbued with symbolism, my work took on a lyrical quality, a reflection of the profound inspiration I drew from the universe.

The culmination of this inspiration is the exhibition titled “Look Up!” comprising 20 linocut graphics. Many of these pieces incorporate unconventional techniques, blending classic methods with elements of street art—a departure from tradition that some may view as sacrilege. Yet, to those with open minds, it represents a new frontier in artistic expression. While the printed graphics may not align with the expectations of traditionalists, they offer a fresh perspective—a new way of seeing. This, ultimately, is the essence of “Look Up!”.

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