25th frame – Unheard, Unseen and Unspoken

25th frame – Unheard, Unseen and Unspoken
Exhibition of drawings, paintings and printworks
by Ertunç Sali
27.08.2020 (Zdravo Mladi Fest X, MKC)

The forbidden 25th picture in cinema is a famous experiment by James Vicary. With his “experiment” he succeeded, subconsciously, instilling emotions in the moviegoers, and the 25th picture was mostly an advertisement for the food industry. This experiment was later banned due to its high potential for viewer manipulation, and except as a horror movie theme, the 25th image was never used again… or so we believe.

Today, years after the famous experiment, every day we encounter different situations, which we tolerate/ignore, so this phenomenon becomes the “new normal” of modern society.

A crying child is calmed by a parent using a mobile device – TOLERATED!

Apathy for politics among young people – TOLERATED!

The needless forced hype for capitalist purposes aka. HYPE – TOLERATED!

These are our “25th picture” in real life by which civilization is guided in a new/old/right/wrong direction and evolution continues.

With a series of drawings, paintings, graphics and several installations, the forbidden message of the artist, as well as the forbidden experiment of James V., will be exposed to the public in order to highlight intolerance.