Who wants some Anarchy?

For one night for couple of hours
A place that boring, horror and lonely has changed it’s energy by the help of group artists and their art works, with the sound of their instruments –
it was a dream of the place and we lived it!


This artwork was featured in the 9th edition of “Underground It’s Easier to Breathe,” a multimedia art festival.

What you’re observing is a MEKITZA shaped into an anarchy symbol, suspended from a table light that illuminates a large platter of MEKITZAs on a white table. They are ready to be consumed while you immerse yourself in the projection of various videos from the electronic device in front of you.

Revolutionary ideas can overwhelm us to the point of paralysis, where individual action may not necessarily contribute to broader change but remains personal. The video projection showcases an array of videos covering diverse subjects, spanning from Barbie to Action Man, from pink to turquoise, from food to war.

I’d like to extend special thanks to my younger colleagues, whose unintentional inspiration stems from their absorption in their phones while we share the same lunch table during our brief pauses.

From the next link you can check the whole album of photos!